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Outdoor Ice Rinks

Langner Renovations, Alterations, Decks LLC is proud to install NiceRink Outdoor Hockey Rinks. Imagine, stepping out the back door, into the crisp winter air, past the warm glow of a fire pit, under the winter sky riddled with stars and onto a pristine slab of untouched marble ice that is yours to carve. If that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling of what could be, then you are ready to join the 1000's of NiceRink families around the globe.

NiceRink has 20+ years of rink building & sales experience. They have spent pride themselves on tinkering and tweaking each component of our own backyard rinks year after year, to make the BEST system better and easier for everyone. Over the last few years, NiceRink has improved both the NiceRink Bracket and Thermoformed Board. By utilizing the Big Four NiceRink components; NiceRink Brackets, Thermoformed Boards, NiceRink Liners and our NiceIce Resurfacer, Langer Renovatios, Alterations, Decks LLC brings you the best in outdoor ice rinks.

You can start small with a 20' x 40' kit and expand as you go, or jump in with both skates on a 44' x 88' Gold Package, we offer the most unique "personalized" self-leveling rink system, that actually works virtually anywhere.

For a free estimate on your project, please call us at 203-979-2961 or submit a request online.

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