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Synthetic Ice Rinks

Synthetic ice rinks offer great cost savings compared to refrigerated ice. They require no refrigeration and no water, meaning no electric or water bill for you.  They can be used in the backyard, garage, or basement. Your very own year round synthetic ice rink gives you the ability to enjoy unlimited ice time – get an edge by practicing at your convenience and enjoy recreational fun for the whole family!

Our outdoor, indoor, and anywhere ice skating rinks are fitted together like a giant jigsaw puzzle in 4’ X 8’ synthetic ice sheets. We then treat the ice panels with a lubricating solution that reduces contact friction and enhances the glide and speed of the skating experience.

When skating on natural ice, the skate blade causes pressure which generates heat and melts the ice, creating a thin layer of water which is the source of that smooth skating glide. With our synthetic ice the skate blade creates the same heat, causing a release of the lubricants in the sprayed on solution which gives skaters the feel of skating on natural ice.

If you have a question synthetic ice rinks or would like a free estimate, please call us at 203-979-2961 or submit a request online.

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